Law Teachers Conclave 2023-24

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About the Conclave


In the dynamic landscape of the legal profession, the pivotal role played by law teachers cannot be understated. As architects of knowledge, cultivators of critical thinking, and guardians of ethical values, they mould the future legal minds that will shape societies and justice systems.

The Law Teachers Conclave is a first of its kind event that recognizes the significance of this role, and seeks to empower the educators to excel in their mission of nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.

This unique opportunity envisions creating something that does not yet exist — a platform where the law teachers can come together, collaborate, facilitate knowledge sharing, and grow networks

To ensure maximum participation by the educators, the conclave is being organised at regional level, North, West, East, South.

The conclave by bringing together law teachers from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise onto a common platform, aims to foster professional growth, facilitate knowledge sharing, and offer networking opportunities.

It will feature a wide array of interactive sessions, panel discussions, talks, and presentations led by prominent legal scholars, experts, and practitioners. These sessions will cover various facets of legal education, teaching methodologies, role of technology in education, and emerging trends in the legal field.

The event will provide ample opportunities for participants to engage in fruitful discussions, exchange ideas, and collaborate.

What Can You Expect?


Keynote speeches by renowned legal experts, scholars, judges, change-makers


Thought-provoking talks that challenge conventional norms and inspire innovative thinking


Panel discussions exploring common challenges, technology, and global perspectives in Legal Education


Discussions on enhancing Student Engagement: Effective Classroom Management and Promoting Critical Thinking Techniques


Who Can Participate?

Any law teacher teaching full time, part time, ad-hoc, visiting faculty in India are eligible to participate in the conclave.

Participation to the Conclave is by Invitation.

There is No Registration Fees for participation in the conclave.

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Participation to the Conclave is by Invitation.

There is No Registration Fees for participation in the conclave.

Please note that participants will have to make their own arrangements for boarding and conveyance.

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