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Innovation in Legal Academics Program


The legal landscape, the legal services industry, and legal education is changing! The Legal Academics thus need to adapt to ensure that their students are equipped to enter the workforce with the skills and experiences needed to address the evolving legal and business needs. This requires that the educators think out of the box and innovate to introduce practices and methodologies, both in what they teach and in how they teach.

Law school faculty members are increasingly stepping beyond the confines of established norms, seeking novel ways to engage students and prepare them for the multifaceted demands of their future legal careers. The emphasis is on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability – qualities essential for success in a dynamic and evolving legal environment.

In essence, the call to innovation in legal education is a response to the evolving needs of the legal profession. By encouraging educators to think innovatively and implement progressive teaching methodologies, the aim is to ensure that law students graduate not only with a solid doctrinal foundation but also with the skills and agility required to excel in a rapidly changing legal landscape.


The objective of the Manupatra-initiated Innovation in Legal Academics Program is to identify, acknowledge, and support creative educational initiatives pioneered by Law Teachers. These educators have been at the forefront of introducing innovative programs within their curricula, challenging conventional teaching methodologies. The program seeks to promote advancements in teaching methodologies and approaches concerning student instruction, the integration of legal technology, experiential learning, and other facets of legal education. By recognizing these trailblazers, the initiative aims to raise awareness of innovation in legal education and inspire the next generation of legal minds to push the boundaries of traditional teaching methods.

Manupatra extends a warm invitation to all Law Teachers to send in their Entries detailing the Innovations they have dabbled with, implemented, practiced or have ideated. Your participation in the Manupatra-initiated Innovation in Legal Academics Program would not only benefit you but also enrich the broader legal education community.

Join us in this collaborative effort to inspire innovation and foster excellence in the legal academia.

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