Why should Startups not Ignore Governance?

By establishing a strong governance framework, startups can build a solid foundation for growth, attract investors, and navigate the complexities of scaling their business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

However, adopting the right set of principles that guide the business all along may at times be compromised due to other priorities. Ironically, these good governance norms prevent your startup from falling apart in challenging circumstances.

Given that a startup is inherently disruptive, defining a standard set of rules may be difficult. But, if you can identify the pain areas at the very beginning and have a backup plan, the risks are manageable. Often, the valuations of startups are not based on true values, both in terms of business operations and governance norms.

The Master Class aims to dispel the myth that governance is solely the responsibility of the Board or executives. Instead, it will present a comprehensive view of the various functions that need to be aligned to make your startup resilient and well-governed. By covering topics such as management structuring, ESG integration, stakeholder engagement, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and strategic decision-making, this class will provide a holistic understanding of effective governance practices essential for startup success.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding founders dilemmas
  • Examining the governance frameworks to successfully transition from a concept to a commercial product or service
  • Identifying potential risks in the startup journey for Risk mitigation :
  • Regulatory domain identification relevant to your startup’s industry,
  • Choice of best alternatives for making informed decisions.

Who is this for

  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • Final-year students planning a start-up
  • Associates at Incubation hubs
  • Bank officials associated with Start-up finance
  • Mentors at Academic Institutions

Topics Covered

  1. Management Structuring and Governance
  2. Adapting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and Sustainability
  3. Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Insurance and Contracts
  5. Internal Policies

Resource Person

Amitava Banerjee

He is a Senior Company Secretary and IICA Certified Independent Director. Apart from being a Visiting Faculty and Mentor at various Management Institutes, he has substantial corporate experience to his credit. An author and speaker at various national conferences he loves to mentor leaders of the next generation.

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