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About the Webinar:

Tech X Law is a unique intervention aimed at addressing the optimum use of technology in law education. This two-hour session will provide technology-based ways of improving research content creation, maintaining database of information, student engagement and identify new-age career opportunities for lawyers in the age of technology, interactive activities, and practical tips etc. They are specifically designed to equip Law Educators with essential skills and insights into leveraging technology to enhance the legal education experience for all.

The webinar will involve instructor-led information sharing and individual and group activities for the participants. 

The workshop will cover: 

  1. Developing research and content creation capabilities by leveraging free-to-use tech tools and organizational systems.
    • Creating and maintaining a database of content for course and research purposes. 
    • Identifying reliable information sources and strengthening research techniques
  2. Ideation to leverage technology for greater student engagement in the classroom. 
    • Exploring free-to-use content and tools for student learning to supplement in-class experiences
    • Developing curricula that is responsive to industry needs for employment-readiness 
  3. Exploring the intersection of technology and Law across focused study areas to enable up-to-date learning and research experiences.  
    • Identifying checklists and areas of special focus to highlight the intersection of technology and law in selected subjects.
    • Familiarization with tech-enabled judicial, conflict management and dispute resolution resources.

This workshop will also explore key areas of Law School experiences - such as moot courts, internships, publications and other co-curricular activities that Law Educators are often expected to develop and supervise. Here, the workshop will help participants identify processes and tech tools that can be utilized for efficient learning


About the Speaker

Suhasini Rao is an attorney with 17+ years of experience across jurisdictions in public law & policy, corporate governance, and legal-tech & edu-tech products. She is also the Founder-Director of CubeRoute Advisors Private Limited, a boutique consulting firm with an interdisciplinary approach to better governance and business management solutions.

Suhasini has had a multifaceted career, starting as a lawyer at Jaipur High Court before venturing into corporate and academic fields. With a master's degree in International Criminal Law from the United Nations, she later taught at Iringa University College, Tanzania. Suhasini founded the Centre for Justice Through Technology, VMRF-DU in Chennai, pioneering e-sport player profile analysis under India's new IT Rules, 2023.  

She's a seasoned Master Trainer, guest lecturer, and editor, with a knack for legal, educational, and regulatory matters. 

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