Certified Legal Research [MCLR]

Gaining a Manupatra Certification in Online Legal Research sets you apart from the rest !


This program is designed to enable the users to learn and upgrade their online research skills using Manupatra. A certificate is generated at the end of the test which you can use to showcase your Online Legal Research (OLR) skills.
From students to seasoned professionals, this program is for everyone with a Manupatra subscription. The program offers a series of questions across various levels.
Between the various questions, we have covered almost everything there is to know about Manupatra. We are pretty sure this test will teach you something new even if you have been using Manupatra for your legal research for years.
To make the most of this test, you are advised to refer to the resources and take the mock tests beforehand, both available on the website. You would also need access to the Manupatra website.
Yes, it is recommended that you use Manupatra during the test. Many questions require you to access Manupatra platform.
There is a separate registration for this certification. Sign up here.
Existing Manupatra Users can directly sign-in using their Manupatra credentials. However, if your organization has a IP user log-in system in place, then you will need to sign-up individually so that the certificate is issued in your own name.
The online test consists of 25 multiple choice questions which you have to complete in 60 minutes. Once you have completed the test, an e-copy of the Certificate will be ready to download.In case you do not clear in first attempt, you will have 4 more attempts to do so.
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